"Ligalex" legal firm provides aid and advice in various legal matters; we practise commercial, civil, criminal, labour, domestic cases administration, legal support, accreditation of foreign companies' agencies, real estate operations support; bankruptcy; problem loans and debts; corporate relations; election process; labour permit for foreign individuals, and more:

1.    Protection of rights in court

Our lawyers specialize in certain fields of law, being competent representatives of their clients in court. We have accumulated substantial experience of case administration in different courts, such as general jurisdiction courts, commercial courts, administrative and arbitration courts, etc., and on different stages (from initial, appellate, cassational to constitutional court).

2.    Legal services in European Union

With the help of our partnership companies we provide:

  • legal support of complex international contracts execution (English, German, Polish, Hungarian, Slovakian law, external counter party, the subject matter is located beyond Ukraine, etc.);
  • legal entity incorporation in European Union countries;
  • legal support of contracts execution, security enforcement of real estate sales and purchase agreements in European Union countries;
  • establishing contacts and business relationships with foreign legal firms, as well as with lawyers, detectives and other laudators in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and other European Union countries;
  • knowledge of international business relations practice.

3.    Legal entity incorporation

  • TOV (LLC), ZAT (CJSC) incorporation
  • Civil groups registration
  • Business owners incorporation
  • Non-profit organizations incorporation
  • Changes in organizational documents registration
  • Legal enity disestablishment
  • Trade Mark registration;

4.    Business legal support

Legal support is a long-term legal entity business function juridical aid:

  • verbal and written advisory on legislation in power;
  • legal opinion on business function of organizations and enterprises;
  • agreements, contracts and treaties development;
  • verbal and written advisory on legislation in power;
  • legal analysis of exhibits;
  • Client's interests representation when dealing with state authorities, legal entities and natural persons, negotiations holding included;
  • information support for clients.

5.    Legal aid and advice on criminal cases.

The lawyers render efficient services in criminal cases administation:

  • protection of rights of innocent suspects and charged ones in the course of preliminary investigation;
  • the defendant's rights protection in the course of court proceedings in the court of initial jurisdiction;
  • representation of interests of complainants, witnesses, public prosecutors and amenables;
  • individual's rights protection in court of appellate jurisdiction, taking notices of appeal and participation in hearing in court of cassational appeal;
  • registering complaints to Supreme Court and participation in hearing.

6.    Legal aid and advice on domestic proceedings

The lawyers provide services in all the categories of domestic cases administration:

  • dissolution of marriage,
  • protection of sides interests in disputes over infants,
  • partition of property,
  • marriage contracts registration,
  • disputes over alimony,
  • housing disputes.

7.    Legal aid and advice on Probate cases

The lawyers provide counsel on testament and inheritance matters, inheritance duty, provide aid in inheritance law formulation; estate of inheritance registration, search for parental estate; making areements on partition of inherited property, testamentation etc.

Disputes on inheritance include the whole range of cases:

  • testament annulment,
  • declaration of title to inherited property,
  • finding inheritance accepted,
  • disputes on partition of inherited property.

Services in court disputes over inheritance matters include:

  • legal advice on inheritance matters;
  • putting in a claim;
  • participation in pre-trial examination;
  • aid in seizure of inherited property (if necessary);
  • aid in document preparation;
  • participation in court session;
  • taking review against a judgement (if necessary).
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